10 Best Bullet Journal Cleaning Schedules Using Konmari Method

Are you finding yourself constantly making excuses to postpone cleaning your space? Or are you finding yourself overwhelmed with the idea of cleaning? Do you always keep pushing your cleaning tasks to the next day? If your answer is a big yes, then you are at the right place. Finding the motivation and time to clean out your house is indeed a real struggle. But, have you ever tried a bullet journal cleaning schedule or a cleaning tracker? It might be the perfect solution for you.   Having a bullet journal cleaning schedule spread will keep you motivated to clean out all the clutter around your space by making you experience the satisfaction of checking off a task at the end of the day.    Even for those of you who do like to clean, a bullet journal cleaning tracker will help you in tracking when was the last time you cleaned a particular area. So maintaining a cleaning schedule in your bullet journal is an excellent idea for the clean freaks as well.    Today, in this blog post you will learn how to make this year’s decluttering schedule using the most painless method – Konmari Method   But first, what is the Konmari method?

What Is The Konmari Method?

Konmari method is basically a shorter term for the book – “The Life-Changing Magic Of Tidying Up: The Japanese Art Of Decluttering And Organizing”. This book explains the importance of decluttering your home and your life with a step by step process for doing it.   The Konmari Organization method mainly emphasizes deciding what to keep or discard based on the emotional attachment to a certain thing. It further explains that as you reduce your possessions and discard the unimportant items, you will reach a state that brings you comfort and joy.   As a very simple explanation, the Konmari method of cleaning follows the following steps.

Step 1: Discard First, Then Tidy

According to the organization method, when you store things inside a box or a cupboard, it doesn’t mean you are decluttering. It is just an illusion of decluttering. Once the storage is full, you will face a much bigger task. So, only when you start discarding, you can truly tidy!  

Step 2: Find The Joy

The best way to decide whether to get rid of the item or to keep it is by taking it to your hand and questioning yourself, “Does this thing spark joy?”. If it does, you keep it or else discard it. The author of the book says once you have practised discarding, you will be understanding and identifying the things that don’t bring you joy anymore easily.

Step 3: The Konmari Order

The author, Kondo, recommends gathering all the items of a specific category, lay them on the floor, analyze them together and then decide what you will discard or keep. He also suggests following the below order for decluttering. The list goes from easier items to harder ones that have sentimental value-added.
  1. Clothing
  2. Books
  3. Papers
  4. Miscellaneous
  5. Sentimental items
Starting from an easier category like clothes will get you in the mood for decluttering. It also gives you enough practice for when you reach the category that is harder – sentimental possessions.

Step 4: Designate Space For Everything

Kondo follows a simple organizing technique – Keep things that come in the same category together. If it is clothing, don’t separate them by seasons, follow a heavy to a light arrangement in the drawers or wardrobe.    Keep your book or paper collection as small as you can. Discard everything that doesn’t fall into one of the three categories-
  1. Currently in use
  2. Need for a limited period
  3. Must be kept indefinitely.
Discard all the miscellaneous stuff too if they don’t spark your joy.    Below let us have a look at a few bullet journal cleaning schedules using Konmari method layouts to inspire and assist us in tidying.  

10 Best Bullet Journal Cleaning Schedule Layouts Using Konmari Method

Here I have come up with a compilation of 10 Bullet Journal Cleaning trackers, schedules, and layouts using the Konmari Method to help you declutter your space. Do have a look at them and make your own customized bullet journal cleaning schedule. Don’t forget to share that with me:)  

Something To Remember

If you want to make yourself a bullet journal cleaning schedule, pick one of the spreads listed above that you have liked the most and customize it according to your needs. I live alone in an apartment, so I won’t be having much stuff. If you are a family with two kids, then you might be having toys, etc. to tidy up. So, create a layout that fits your needs. Also, you don’t need to do everything yourself, you can engage your family and kids in decluttering and make it as fun as possible. 

The End Goal

I don’t expect this cleaning schedule to change my life. I know I won’t become a cleaning guru because of a few pieces of paper in a few days. However, I will strive to set myself up for success by creating a structure that I am comfortable operating around. Just like any other habit, cleaning also needs to be grown, nurtured and maintained to achieve success. I struggled a long way to have an effortlessly clean home. Every step we take is progress and I am pretty sure in a year, we will have some positive cleaning habits in place and we won’t be sweating bullets when we invite friends over. After all, isn’t this all we can ask for?   Written by Sowmya Cherukuri  [email protected]

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