10 Super Bullet Journal Trackers For Your Planner

A lot of amazing things are happening in the lovely bullet journal world, thanks to the many talented bullet journalists out there. Today we have rounded up the our favorite to celebrate the creative and inventive minds that grace our community. We all know that the power of the bullet journal is that it is purely based on a physical notebook and therefore it is easy to flip the pages and write down anything your heart desires. You can track your water intake, exercise, flossing, mood, daily steps, and so much more.    Not only is it very satisfying to fill in the box when a task is completed, but it is also an amazing and easy way to reach your goals faster. As the best way to accomplish anything is to break it down into smaller steps.   That said, I decided to inspire you guys with a collection of my favorite tracker ideas. Scroll down for the 10 most useful tracker ideas you have to try in your bullet journal.
  1. Bullet Journal Habit Tracker

Out of all the trackers that one can use in a bullet journal, my favorite and the one I can’t do without is a habit tracker. We all want to have a few healthy habits in our lives. But, forming a new habit is easier said than done. This is where a habit tracker comes in handy.   More benefits of using a habit tracker, you ask?
  • You can keep track of all your habits in one place, you will not be forgetting to do the habits anymore.
  • You can assess how much you plan to do and how much you accomplished by the end of each month or week.
  • Your life gets more productive. It gets a new routine and an order.
  • You are more motivated to do the habits because no one wants a blank tracker.
  Trust me, a habit tracker is a real thing, sometimes even when I am lazy, I do the chores just for the sake of tracking it in my journal. Below are a few habit tracker layouts to inspire you more.
  1. Bullet Journal Mood Tracker

Getting wrapped up in your mood and losing sight of the bigger picture is quite easy. The bad mood you fall into can last all day if you aren’t careful. But, there is a great way to focus on creating a positive mood and getting out of that funk. How? Use a bullet journal mood tracker.    A mood tracker helps you in focusing on your attitude so you won’t let it control you. It is also very helpful to see your emotional patterns over time. The following are a few great ideas on how you can integrate a mood tracker into your bullet journal.

Bullet Journal Savings Tracker

Want to get your savings game on? The bullet journal savings tracker will inspire your next budgeting set-up so that your finances will be in tip-top shape!   Saving money is something all of us should do. It doesn’t matter if you save $1 or $1,000,000, any amount can help out your financial future. Scroll down to have a look at some amazing bullet journal savings tracker ideas that will help on your way to increasing your total savings.  
  1. Bullet Journal Debt Tracker

Let us have some real talk! Paying off debt isn’t fun at all. From the horror of seeing how much you awe actually to an utter confusion of how the interest is calculated, to the repeated panic each month as you pay off debt bills, I can understand your struggle.    But, paying odd our debts on time is a necessary task. So, I things having a debt tracker in your bullet journal is a perfect solution to make your debt-payoff journey a little better. Paying off my debt with a bullet journal debt tracker has helped me get out of an insane amount of student-loan debt. Hope it helps you too.        
  1. Bullet Journal Water Tracker

Do you drink enough water every day? For those of us who have a lot on your mind and drinking enough water can be one of the first things to slip our mind. However, drinking enough water every day is one of the most important things we can do to stay healthy.    So I have decided to keep a bullet journal water tracker. When I am sitting at my desk with my bullet journal out in front of me with those little uncolored boxes just waiting to be filled in, I get to remember to drink more. Also, it gives me immense satisfaction to color them in throughout the day every time I finish a glass. Below, I rounded up a few of my favorite bullet journal water trackers, hope they inspire you to your water game.
  1. Bullet Journal Budget Tracker

Getting your spending, bills, and other expenses out of your head and on paper is a great way to visualize where your money is going. When I track what I am spending money on, what bills are coming up next, and how much I am spending, It frees up so much room in my head. I can concentrate on other things in my life. Moreover, I am not worrying about money constantly.    If you want to get your finance under control, a bullet journal budget tracker is a must-have page.
  1. Bullet Journal Movie Tracker

Movie tracker has become a very popular category to log in to your bullet journal. Some people track movies after they have seen them while others like to track movies they want to see. 
  1. Bullet Journal Period Tracker

Do we have to feel dirty or embarrassed about getting periods? I am a grown woman and I still feel uncomfortable telling someone that I’m on my period. I also get weird to ask a friend for a tampon in public. But seriously, tracking your period in your bullet journal will change your life. You won’t be getting caught off guard by sudden bleeding again as it will be all laid out and expected in your bullet journal period tracker spread. You will also be learning some cool things about your body.   
  1. Bullet Journal Weight Tracker

Trying to shed a few extra pounds? Let your bullet journal help you out in the journey. I know there a lot of other tracking options available like a fitness watch or apps on your mobile. However, why I prefer having a weight loss tracker in my bullet journal is I can open the page anytime and see my progress on paper. It also allows me to see how far I came with every pound lost. Call me old fashioned, but I like it.   If you are also like me, below are a few bullet journal weight tracker spreads to inspire you.
  1. Bullet Journal Sleep Tracker

Sleep tracking can be extremely beneficial to both your physical and mental health. With a bullet journal sleep tracker, you can see if any negative patterns are leading you to become more fatigued or limiting your sleep.      Written by Sowmya Cherukuri  [email protected]  

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