Bullet Journal Themes for February 2021

 Another month has gone by, and it’s time to choose your February Bullet Journal Theme! 

Many people consider the month of February to be about love, but there are so many different things that you can do for your theme. 

Below you will find cover pages, habit trackers, mood trackers, and much more. 

Tiny Hearts

I love this tiny heart themed bullet journal spread. It’s very easy and looks great!

Strung Hearts

Another simple yet appealing spread. Sometimes you don’t have to do something complicated! I also love the hand lettering. 

Pink and Purple Hearts

Don’t these little hearts look perfect? I love the soft colors and how perfectly imperfect the coloring is. 

Minimalist Hearts

This is probably the most simple you can make a spread, but it still looks great! Sometimes less is better. 

Ballerina Habit Tracker 

This is such a pretty Ballerina tracker! I love the musical notes that were incorporated into it.

Candy Theme


Look at all this delicious candy! This theme makes me feel nostalgic, and that’s why I like it. 

Letter Theme


This bullet journal theme is very well done. I like how neat the envelopes are. 

Strawberry Theme

Those strawberries look delicious! Very well done art. 

Lemon Theme

These are a little bit easier to draw than strawberries, and they look great! I love how the yellow adds a pop of color. 

Watercolor Flowers

If you are looking to practice your watercoloring, this is an absolutely beautiful design to imitate. I love the subdued tones, and the lettering is fantastic. This is by far one of my favorite spreads. If you are looking to try you hand at watercolor in you bullet journal, this is the watercolor that I recommend.

Flower Mood Tracker

This flower mood tracker is a great addition to your bullet journal. It keeps things fresh, and the colors are great.

Crystal Theme 

If you are a fan of geometric patterns, why look further than a crystal theme? I love how this theme really conveys an idea of stability and uniqueness. 

Another Strawberry Theme

I know I know, two strawberry themes might be too much. But I love this minimalist theme, and I may be slightly partial to strawberries.

Cotton Candy Theme


As much as I love strawberries, I do have quite the sweet tooth. This cotten candy theme looks great.  

February Bullet Journal

These are some ideas that helped me with my planning for February. If you would like to see some more ideas, check out some of my other blog posts. 


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