Bullet Journal Cover Page With Quote For January 2020 Coffee Theme

Seeing that it’s the beginning of a new year I found I decided to start it off right with a coffee themed bullet journal spread. I love coffee and can’t start my day without it so I decided to start my year a bit in the same way.

This month I plan to slow it down a bit and enjoy more days on the sofa with a cup of coffee and my amazon fire tablet to read. The Amazon Kindle Unlimited plan allows me to read loads of free to read books. Last year, even with a busy schedule I read 17 books using my Kindle Unlimited alone saving me almost $50 I would have spent buying books. Of course I spent that saved money on new bullet journal supplies but that’s not the point.

Coffee Theme

Instead of drawing a bunch of different coffee mugs throughout this month’s theme I decided to do coffee rings. However, I don’t like using food or drinks in my journals for art for fear of mildew or other issues when it goes into storage.

I used coffee colored Crayola super tips and the brown mildliner to create coffee rings and splatters in this month’s theme. All of the lettering was done with the Micron Fineliners markers.

Table Of Contents

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Coffee Theme Supplies List

These are the supplies that I used to create this months coffee theme in my bullet journal. My most recommended supplies for bullet journaling can be found at the bottom of this post as well.

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Cover Page Quote

For the quoted cover page I decided to go with a minimalist feel. Just a simple quote in black lettering on a plain white page. It’s a great transition from my collection pages in the beginning of my journal to starting off the new year.

Bullet Journal Cover Pages But First Coffee Quote

I basically live by this quote. Before I start working on anything in the day I must have my coffee first. During that first cup of coffee in the morning I start planning out my day, say good morning to my family, and get my mind straightened out.

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January Cover Page

My January cover page uses the 08 Micron fine liner and the three markers I chose for my color palette. I outlined the rings using a compass and making sure to leave a few blank spaces where the coffee might not have dripped.

Bullet Journal Cover Page For January With Coffee Rings For A Coffee Theme

To fill in, I just made sure to have a bit of a shaky hand. This allowed for some areas of the rings to be thicker and some to be thinner.

I followed this same structure for creating my coffee rings throughout this month’s theme. If you want to do the same practice first on a scrap piece of paper to get the shaky hand movement for filling out the ring. Coffee rings are never a perfect ring, remember that as you practice.

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Coffee Theme Monthly Spread

I really liked the larger calendar I created in December and decided to go with it again for January. This month though I only added a large to-do list box to track everything I need to do for the month and skipped an events box.

Bullet Journal Monthly Calendar and Spread with hand drawn coffee rings for coffee theme

The boxes are 5×5 in a Scribbles That Matter Iconic Journal, which means they are big enough for me to record any events I need to remember in the month. I only left a 1 square space in between each days boxes.

For the days I created a coffee splatter effect with a crayola super tip marker and then wrote the dates in this white gel pen. I like the way it turned out though I think in the future if I were to do this again I would have gone with a lighter coffee splash and used the black micron to fill in the dates.

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Coffee Theme Monthly Goals

Last month I did a monthly goals page and I really liked how well it turned out. This month I’m doing the same thing to help me reach my smaller monthly goals that will help me work towards reaching my larger yearly goals.

Bullet Journal Monthly Goals Spread with hand drawn coffee rings around the numbers 1-5

On these goal pages I usually write the goal in big and then two or three tasks to complete that will help me reach the goal next to it. This page was extremely useful in planning out my goals all through December and even allowed me to take a week off of work for the last week.

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Coffee Theme Habit Tracker

I really like how this months habit tracker looks. I made the rings big enough to hold each habit I want to track. It sticks with the theme of the month and provides the function of tracking the habits I want to improve.

Bullet Journal Coffee Theme Habit Tracker with hand drawn coffee rings around each small habit calendar

This month I’m doing the same habit tracking that I did in December. As I worked extremely hard to finish up my work for the month a bit early to get some time off at the end I didn’t really stick to my habits the way I would have liked. Here’s hoping January habit building is a success.

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Bullet Journal Meal Planning Spread

I’ve added a new spread to my layouts this month. I am hoping to utilize this meal planning spread throughout the month. I did give myself about a week extra to get into the meal planning spirit after the holidays are over.

Bullet Journal Monthly Meal Planner with hand drawn coffee rings at the top of the page for coffee theme

I’ve not had a lot of luck in meal planning in the past but I’m hoping with a bit of a slow down in my schedule I can get into the habit of it now – at the beginning of the year – and follow through with it through the remainder of the year.

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Coffee Theme Gratitude Log

As always I have my gratitude log set up for the month. This is a must have in my bullet journal as it helps me to focus on the positive aspects of my life and be happier with what I do have.

Bullet Journal Gratitude log with hand drawn coffee rings for coffee theme

Last month I actually skipped a few days in recording my gratitude and had to go in a back fill what I was grateful for. I hope to stick to my gratitude spread a bit more this upcoming month.

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Coffee Theme Weekly Spread

This is a new type of weekly spread for me. I usually keep my weekly spreads super clean and easy to follow as that’s where I spend the bulk of my time in my bullet journal. This months weekly spreads have the coffee rings for the days and my necessary boxes for tracking.

Bullet Journal weekly spread with hand drawn coffee rings for each day for coffee theme

Instead of listing to do’s each day I’ve turned to instead creating a to do list for the week and working to complete that. The daily boxes – or in this case circles – is meant more for must do tasks and events for that specific day.

As always I have my grocery box and my notes box for things that I need to remember to order for groceries and new ideas and thoughts I have through the week.

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Bullet Journal Coffee Theme

I’m really looking forward to diving into this months bullet journal layout and seeing how it works out for me. It should be interesting and helpful to complete my tasks, record my thoughts, and stay on track to accomplish my goals.

As always, here is my recommended bullet journal supplies list:

What theme would you like to see me tackle in a future monthly layout? Let me know in the comments below. Follow me on Pinterest for more like this and pin this to your favorite bullet journal boards.

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