School Bullet Journal – 10 must-have bullet journal spreads For Students


It is nearly impossible to find a planner that has everything you need to perfectly fit your schedule. That is why Bullet Journals have become very popular. You can customize it as you wish to fit your schedule.   If you are a student, it is easy to understand how busy your life can be. Keeping track of days off, holidays, work schedule, class timetable, labs, social schedule, homework, group projects meetups… it can get overwhelming. Plus, if you are one of those who like to track things like meal planning, workouts, budget planning, habits, etc. it might get overwhelmed to fit all of that in a normal academic planner.   Having a bullet journal when you are in school can help you with anxiety, organization and time management. It can also act as a wonderful creative outlet that is proven to reduce stress levels and improve happiness.   Keep reading to find out more benefits of starting a school bullet journal.  

Why Use A Bullet Journal For School?

  • Less Distraction

Using our laptop, tablet or our phone for keeping track of our calendar or study timetable can seem like a great idea until we get distracted by other apps, social media or the internet. It is very easy to waste our study time by scrolling Instagram and browsing the internet. A school bullet journal can help in staying focused on your study tasks.
  • More Organized

The right spreads and layouts in your bullet journal for school can help in keeping your tasks, study and priorities in one place. Keeping everything in one place makes it easy to refer to, see what you need to do, and what you have already accomplished.
  • More productive

Avoiding distracting apps, staying organized, and better recall of information will automatically make you more productive. Guess, I don’t need to say that!
  • More Self-Aware

Having a bullet journal for school will make you learn your habits, moods and motivations. When you learn your moods, motivations and habits, you will be aware of your limits and capabilities. You can optimize your study time and class schedules.
  • Less Stress

Being more organized reduces stress levels. Spreads like the brain dump, gratitude prompts, doodling, or being creative in how you set out your journal can help you in being more mindful, less stressed and less anxious. 
  • Writing Things Helps You Remember Them

Did you know using old fashioned pen and paper can help boost your memory? So, write as much as you can. Writing notes in your bullet journal is a great way to help you in remembering study information, important dates, quotes, etc.   So, after learning the benefits of keeping a school bullet journal, are you excited about starting one? All those unknown terminologies and artistic spreads you see online can make you a little overwhelming and afraid to start a bujo. Worry not!    Here are a few simple bullet journal layouts that can help you to get inspired to stay organized at school.   

10 must-have bujo pages for students

Budget tracker

  When I was in school, my finances were always a bit tight. I used to be very picky about how I spent my money. The best way to get the most of your money without overspending is undoubtedly by tracking your expenses and regulating them accordingly.    By having a budget planner, you will be able to see interesting patterns in your spending. You will be able to adjust them to end up saving up more and not wasting money on some completely unnecessary things

Semester At A Glance

Semester At A Glance is one of my favorite bullet journal spreads for school students. As the name itself says, this spread helps you to see your whole semester at one glance. This is very helpful when you plan your monthly, weekly, or study spreads.      You simply have to add months for your semester just like you would when creating a future log and leave space under each one. You can add your most important dates, vacation times, deadlines, assignments and so on in the spaces. You can also have a colour-coding system to make it easier to understand visually.  

Attendance tracker

I know how attendance can become a bit of an issue when you are in college. When I was a student, I never had a track of it (I wish I had) and with the sudden freedom I got, I must say I did miss more classes than I should have.      So before adult life freedom hits you, make sure you have a way to track your attendance. Don’t get in trouble later on!  

Study planning

Planning is a key to success. Why not plan your study as well? Sometimes studying can get very hard and boring. It becomes nearly impossible to push yourself to keep up with the academics. So, use a bullet journal to stay motivated.    Make a spread with different days in the week and allocate space under each one to plan what and how to study.  

Study tracker

A study tracker can help you with time management and staying on top of the assignments. The key to successful studying is being accountable and tracking the progress. Tracking your study sessions will make you learn how far you have a home and whether you are going fast enough or not.    There are numerous ways to plan a study tracker – you can track how many hours a day or how many days you study. Choose what works best for you.    

Assignments calendar

An assignment calendar is a great way to know what assignments are due and when. This way, you will always keep in mind the looming deadlines and change your study schedule accordingly. You will be having enough time to prepare in advance and don’t have pull all-nighters the last few days before.

Essay planner

Having trouble with writing an essay? Worry not! An essay planning spread makes it easy to write essays. It breaks a big project into small pieces. Add the title and the due date in the top section. And then divide the essay into little pieces to make it more manageable.        

Exam tracker

Exams are so scary, aren’t they? And this is generally the main reason why we start studying so late. Ok, I am not talking about everybody, But for those of us who are afraid of exams, a good start is to make a prep spread like below.  

Grade tracker

A grade tracker is very helpful as you will know how you are doing without having to look for your transcripts. Colour-coding the grades is also a great idea to understand how well you are doing overall.     

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  1. I love using a bullet journal, but during the school year, I always get so busy that I forget to use my bullet journal! I’m going to try and change that this year. I love the budget layout ideas!
    – Pixie | Productive Pixie

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